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20 March 2016

As part of this year's Carmarthen River Festival, the organisers are attempting to set a record for the largest coracle gathering on a river and they need your help!

If you can make it to this year's Carmarthen River Festival, please bring your coracle with you and take part in making history. The day will include all the usual festival activities as well, including the popular raft race.

20 March 2016

Our member in New Zealand, Pete Sullivan, shares this report of the completion of his first coracle, originally mentioned in our 2015 Journal. The coracle, named PV Gloria (PV = paddle vessel), was launched on St Patrick's Day from Naval Point, Lyttelton

25 January 2016

This item has been posted by a Society member

Please consider signing and sharing this petition to be delivered to the incoming Welsh Assembly following the election in May. If you would like a paper petition form to collect signatures, email for a PDF file (Welsh or English versions available) and return address.

31 October 2015

We were recently contacted by the Natural History Museum, London asking for some advice regarding their coracle. They have a Boyne style coracle, built for them by Peter Faulkner, which although currently needing repair, has previously been used in their Wildlife Garden. They have sent us some photos of it in use - see below.

31 October 2015

As a child, I spent a great deal of time with my maternal grandfather, William Morgan, whose parents had come over from the Vale of Glamorgan. He was always proud of his Welsh background and passed that pride along to me as well as a few words of "yr hen iaith" (the old language).

30 September 2015

Who says that we only appeal to a lunatic minority?

15 August 2015

Society member Alistair Phillips runs numerous coracle making courses each year at his workshop in Oxfordshire. He has shared these photos of a course he ran in June with us.

If you too have photos or anything else to share with us, please let us know via Contribute or Facebook

15 August 2015

An article on Malcolm Rees and his coracle making/fishing recently appeared on "We Made It", a series of articles following traditional crafts and the arts. To read the article, please click here

15 August 2015

The work of the Ironbridge Coracle Trust has received national recognition in the form of this article, which appeared in The Times on 6 August 2015

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