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Some of our members who offer coraclemaking courses include introductory membership to the Society in the cost of their courses. Your course organiser will be able to confirm if this is the case.

Introductory membership offers the same benefits as paid membership to the Society, details of which can be viewed here. You will receive access to our members only area of our website, which contains full details of your membership benefits as well as access to our archives of Journals and newsletters, so you can read up on the history of coracles, the Society and the work we and our members do. You will receive a copy of our most recent Journal by post, as well as regular updates via email if your email address is provided, or by post if not. You will also be able to manage your membership record, updating your details where necessary.

Introductory membership typically lasts until the end of the current membership year (31st December), but depending on when we receive your details from your course organiser, at our discretion we may extend this through the following membership year.

Your introductory membership will start when we receive and process your application from your course organiser. As this matter is outside the control of the Society, this may not be immediately after the end of your course.

At the end of your introductory membership, you will be invited to continue your membership as a paid member - which of course we hope you will do. Our membership fees are low and have been unchanged for a number of years - £10 for individuals and £15 for joint members (couples, friends, families) - your membership record and renewal letter will indicate the type of membership you have. You can of course change this at any time.

If you have booked on to a coraclemaking course which does not offer introductory membership, we are happy to contact the organiser on your behalf to see if they would be able to offer this benefit.

Good luck with your coraclemaking course, happy paddling and we look forward to seeing you at an event in the future.