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As discussed on our About coracles page, there are many different types of coracle. From this page you can find out more information about the various types of coracle around the world

These pages are an ongoing project, so not all coracle types will have their own information page yet. This page and those linked from it will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back if the coracle type you are looking for information on does not currently have a page. You can of course contact us if you have a query on coracle types and we will do our best to answer your query, or put you in contact with someone who will be able to help you

We are looking for content to help us build and enhance these pages. If you have any photos or information please contact Euan Raffel. Please also contact Euan Raffel if we have missed a credit or you think the information on these pages needs correcting or amending

To get started, select a coracle type from the lists below

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