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The River Taf (not to be confused with the Taff, which runs from Brecon Beacons to Cardiff via Merthyr Tydfil) is one of the few rivers where coracle fishing remains licenced. The river runs into its shared estuary with the Tywi at Carmarthen - the close proximity between these two rivers has led to close relationships between the two rivers. In particular, late Taf coracleman Edgworth Evans had a close working and personal relationship with Raymond Rees of Carmarthen. Other well known coracle personalities from the Taf include Irlwyn John.

Traditional construction methods called for the use of an apple tree for the gunwhale. This would be cut and split in half, with the sections joined together with a cleat iron. The process would be repeated to create the aft gunwhale. Apple wood was used as it was more durable - important as the Taf is a narrow river with steep banks. Covering would be calico and pitch.

Some content provided from "Coracles of the World" by kind permission of Sir Peter Badge. Photography credits: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales
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