Constitution and officers


The Society Officers are elected each year at the AGM. For the year 2017/18 the officers are:

President: Dr Irving Finkel
Vice Presidents: Rod Bowen, John Davies, Peter Faulkner, Martin Fowler, Terry Kenny (Ironbridge representative)

Honorary Chairperson: Bruce Watson
Honorary Vice Chairperson: Malcolm Rees (Twyi netsman's representative)
Honorary Secretary/Archivist: Dylan Jones
Honorary Treasurer: Euan Raffel

Committee: Gerwyn Lewis, June Lewis, Darren Male, Brian Pearce, Jude Pilgrim, Julie Rees, Mark Dellar (Teifi netman's representative)

The Executive Committee are charged with the management of the Society's affairs, funds and property. The Executive Committee is made up of the Officers and Committee.

You can contact the any of the Officers or Committee through the Secretary


You can download and view the Society constitution by clicking the link below, last amended August 2014