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Any member who is participating in an event with coracles, currachs or related craft is welcome to make use of our Public Liability Insurance cover. The qualifying criteria you must meet in order to use our insurance cover includes:

  • Your membership fees must be up to date
  • You must be representing the Society at the event
  • Your event must be within the United Kingdom

We ask you for a contribution of £25 per event (we suggest you claim this from the event organiser as part of your fee) - this is to assist us with the cost involved in administering the insurance policy. You will need to provide us with some details of the event, so we can notify the insurer in the unlikely event of a claim.

If you wish to make use of the insurance policy, please contact the Secretary. Please note it may take a couple of weeks to process your application, so you are advised to get in touch well in advance of your event. The Society or its insurer reserves the right to decline a member's application to use our insurance cover.

Event support documents

If you are planning your own event such as a coracle build or regatta, or are participating in another event, you may be asked for documentation such as a risk assessment and a safeguarding policy. We have produced example documents which you can download below and edit to suit the event you are involved with. You can use these documents even if you are not supporting the Society at your event - please remove references to the Society in these circumstances

  • The example risk assessment covers coracle building events and activities on the water. Remember to review for each activity, particularly after an incident or where there is a significant change to hazards. The Health and Safety Executive have guidance on managing risks and creating risk assessments on their website (link opens in a new window)
  • The example safeguarding policy covers looking after children and young people when they are participating in a coracle building event or activities on the water


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (formerly Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks)

If an event organiser asks you for a DBS certificate/check, for example if you will be working with children or vulnerable persons, you should ask them first if they can provide one for you. There is no charge for DBS checks issued to volunteers, to either yourself or the organisation providing the check. Third party organisations providing checks may, however, charge a small administration fee for their services.

If the event organiser is not able not willing to provide a DBS check, contact your local council as they may be able to provide you with details of organisations that can assist with this. The Society is unable to arrange DBS checks.

DBS checks have no expiry date and are not restricted to a particular authority or organisation. However it is down to the event host whether they will accept a previously issued DBS certificate