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09 June 2015

We are delighted to report that today the Ironbridge Coracle Trust (registered charity 1161685) took posession of the Eustace Rogers hut on the bank of the river Severn in Ironbridge, a huge step forward for their campaign which of course The Coracle Society supported initially with our Save Our Heritage Huts appeal.

02 May 2015

Following the death of Bernard Thomas last August, the new owners of his cottage came to see me at the museum during the Winter and gave me a cushion the found in one of the rooms. The cushion has writing on it and used by Bernard to sit on when he crossed the English Channel in his Teifi coracle in 1974.

Martin Fowler

09 April 2015

During January and February, a Teifi coracle from the National coracle centre made by Peter Davies of Cenarth was on show at Selfridges department store in Oxford Street, London. An artist formerly from Pembrokeshire was one of fourteen people selected to create a display within the store.

01 March 2015

The Society has received a letter of thanks from Elgin Museum for the money our intrepid coraclers Charlie Quinnell, Tim Jones and Bruce Watson raised participating in the 2014 Tay Descent

27 December 2014

Following the conclusion of our Tay Descent appeal, we are delighted to confirm that a total of £350 was raised for Elgin Museum. Our members Charlie Quinnell, Tim Jones and Bruce Watson took on the gruelling course on the Scottish river Tay in October, being the first coracles to take part in this Scottish Canoe Association event which is now in its fifth year.

06 December 2014

We are delighted to report that the Ironbridge Coracle Trust has secured two grants totalling £50,000 that will enable them to get the ball rolling with acquiring and preserving the Eustace Roger's coracle workshop in Ironbridge.

19 November 2014

This item on the Tay Descent, featuring Society member and BBC presenter Charlie Quinnell, appeared on BBC Alba's Gaelic news programme, An Là. The English transcript is below the video

02 November 2014

I built my 'Ironbridge' under Kevin Grimley's tuition in August 2012 at the Green Wood Centre. Capsized Steve's smaller coracle on the Sunday afternoon while waiting for a second coat of bitumen to dry on mine. Steve kindly gave us an introduction to coracle handling on the New Pool and I had just said “this seems quite stable!", as I rocked it back and forth... Two more coats of bitumen and I was finished!

02 November 2014

In July 2014, the Bishop of St David's (Rt Revd Wyn Evans) visited the Coracle Sheds during his visit to Carmarthen. He was interested to learn about the coracle story and was presented with a miniature Towy coracle to remind him of his visit. The weather was very poor that day, so the Bishop decided to stay on land!

Julie Rees

02 November 2014

This photo, taken in the 1920s, shows a coracle and a Ford Model T taking on a flood. The coracle (the passenger is probably a member of the Rogers family) fares somewhat better than the car...

Photo: Bruce Watson/Trevor Bagley