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29 December 2019

Carmarthen Coracle and Netsmen’s Association were lucky enough to receive grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a Coracle Story Telling Project. We have been working with retired teacher, Mr Andy Edwards, in recording the old stories from the older generation of coracle men so they are preserved and used to educate. It was only when Andy started to look into our old traditions and stories that he realised what a unique heritage we had and felt passionately in having everything recorded for local school children.

The project is now coming to the final stages - we have produced a booklet on the ‘Carmarthen Coracle’, which will be officially launched in January 2020. This booklet will be sent to every school in the county. Should a school wish to learn more about our coracle heritage, they will have the opportunity to research in depth on the website ‘People’s Collection Wales’ and download certain information to use in class.

Local schools will also have the opportunity to have a visit from Andy, who will arrive at the school dressed as a coracle man from the 1800s with a traditional coracle on his back - Andy will relay all his old river stories to the children.

Julie Rees