Insh Coracle Club at the Highland Folk Museum - 2019 season

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23 November 2019

Our season at the Museum ended on 15 August 2019. During that time we had one thousand, one hundred and five people afloat on the millpond. We introduce them to coracles in a gentle and unhurried way, explaining as best we can about the uses and building methods around the world. We tend to focus on Welsh coracles and of course our own Spey coracle. 

As we believe the water to be very safe we cater to a very wide age range of people - very little people, including one baby being breastfed (the baby didn't paddle) and the elderly including an 80 year old lady in a wheelchair (not with the wheelchair of course - how about a roll-on roll-off coracle?) Not a single capsize this year.

The Museum built a new much improved jetty for us and created a direct access to the water from the storage shed (the sawmill). Our lives were much easier as a result. We now have an agreement in principle to building a boathouse immediately adjacent to the water. Does anyone have any good suggestions about design etc.?   

Our three new fibreglass coracles have been of inestimable value to us enabling the much greater visitor experience at the same time as saving on damage to our own-build boats. The big Teifi is so stable that we have not had any size limits or parents paddling children.

We promote the Society all the time but we have no idea whether any visitors join or build their own boats. We do know that we had folk back from previous years and repeat visits from this year. For some visitors this could be difficult as they have hailed from China, India, Australia, Brazil, USA, Israel, Canada, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and Namibia. We also had a lot of EU folk and an occasional UK citizen! 

Conditions on the water have been perfect - lots of water with a much bigger surface area. The weather has been on our side too with Thursdays seemingly the dry day in wet weeks...

All in all, a very good year for us.

Raymond Green