Bronze age coracle floats again in Penzance

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15 April 2018

With the underwater archaeological group CISMAS we have been working on a reproduction of a possible coracle from number 2 grave Barnes Farm, Dalgety, Fife.

Having already built a possible reproduction of a Bronze Age kayak from grave number one I was anxious to explore the possible build of a more coracle type craft from grave number two. Our first effort launched in April 2018 is a proof of concept. Made from willow, calico and roofing paint. Our next effort will be of skin and hazel.

Being longer than the “normal” coracle, six feet, and wider, this coracle seems to work better with two paddlers although it would row with one.

The original paper from which we drew inspiration is on the Archaeology Data Service files under A Prehistoric Coracle in Fife by Watkins