Coracles at England's Medieval Festival

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13 September 2017

The Society were invited to the 25th anniversary of England's Medieval Festival, at Herstmonceux Castle in Sussex over the August bank holiday weekend. Members Dave Purvis and Euan Raffel made the trek from 't North to showcase to the visitors, exhibitors and organisers the art of coraclemaking and give people the opportunity to try their had at paddling a coracle on the Castle's moat.

A weekend of glorious weather kept the punters coming, with over 90 people getting out on the water. The coracles that were made weren't strictly of medieval construction - with the task of building two coracles to be used that weekend, they were covered with pond liner rather than the usual calico/bitumen (or even hide - more appropriate to medieval times!) so they could be built and in action in just a few hours. There was a steady stream of visitors to the stand, interested in all things coracle.

The two coracles that were made have been left at the castle. Herstmonceux Castle is an international outpost of Queen's University, Ontario (Canada) and the idea is that the students returning from their summer break - or starting as freshers - will get the chance to try their hand at coracling in the unique surroundings they are lucky to live and study in

Many thanks to the organisers of the festival for inviting the Society along and for their hospitality

Photos and videos from the weekend can be found below and on our Facebook page