A cup of tea and a small coracle adventure

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06 December 2020

As coracling has been mostly out of the window this year and not being able to build more, I’ve happily filled some of this year making models.  After all, that’s what I believe the Rogers would have done.  With most cafes closing their doors and turning to takeaway drinks I realised that instead of my tea coming with the humble teaspoon it comes with a model coracle lath.  So, inspired by models in the coracle shed and thirty cups of takeaway tea later I set to work, using my newly acquired stirring sticks, two offcuts of ash (one for a seat and the other a paddle) and a black cloth.  The process is quite simple using super glue to replace nails, you can put one together quite quickly.  I’ve found they snap a lot more easily than expected, a problem which can be cured by a quick soak in boiling water.  They’ve turned out to be great gifts too, so definitely worth giving it a go if you’ve a spare hour or more.  After my first model, encouraged by my handiwork with wooden stirrers, I turned to my drawer of Lego and clipped some pieces together and hey presto, another coracle was built.  This time with its own coracler.  With creative juices fully flowing I was rather pleased at the outcome.  I’d challenge anyone with children around to give it a try.  Who knows, like me you might be surprised at the results!