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01 January 2017

Waters of Wales (WoW) is a community of independent campaigners for legislation enshrining public rights of responsible access to inland water in Wales. We stand for responsible and sustainable access to the Waters of Wales for all, free of unnecessary restrictions, whilst respecting the environment, wildlife and other people and interested groups. We believe that all recreational water users can successfully coexist on our waterways, without conflict between each other. We believe this situation can best be achieved by the Welsh Assembly Government being persuaded to bring in new legislation, similar to that already established in Scotland under the Scottish Land Reform Act, where they already have established rights of access under a participants Code of Conduct.

We decided to set up an independent community because we see a need for the representation of the public who wish to enjoy recreation on the Waters of Wales, whether as individuals or members of clubs or organisations. These may include, but are not limited to: swimmers, non-motorised boat users, gorge-walkers, birdwatchers and other similar activities.

Three years ago a 10,000+ signature petition led to a Welsh Assembly enquiry, followed by a Welsh Government review of countryside access. An expected Green Paper was delayed. 

WoW’s core aim is for one voice to fully represent the Public interest of modern legislation enshrining public rights to water-based recreation, WoW lobbies and advocates for this with the help of the Waters of Wales members group.

To meet our aims we seek support from individuals, representative bodies and interested groups to help WoW deliver a public campaign. To achieve success with this once in a lifetime opportunity, we need all access interested parties to show their support.

We have had a more recent petition, which was submitted to the Welsh Assembly last month, which has led to an announcement that they intend to put access reform back on the agenda for review/discussion early in the forthcoming new year. It is for this reason that we are holding the event on February 14th which we hope will highlight the diversity of water users within Wales, canoeists, kayakers, stand up paddle borders etc. but also coraclers. We would like to get as many different kinds of 'paddle' craft on the water as possible and it is to represent the coracling fraternity that we hope you might be willing to consider joining us on the Bay in Cardiff.

For more information please contact Waters of Wales directly - [email protected]