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01 May 2022

We have received an enquiry for the Society to attend the following event. If you are interested in taking part please contact Dylan Jones for more details

Event: “For Earths Sake”
Muslim Family Festival for parents and children
Date: 29-31 July

Location: Aylesbury

Aim : inspiring families to get outdoors, reconnect with nature. Having family focused activities to allow families a whole unit to enjoy the outdoors especially those elements of the community that face a number of barriers.   Aim is to make the event of financially viable for families.

General information : there will be (fingers crossed) around 1000 people. They will be split into subcamps of 250 people.

Activities : there will be 4 zones,

earth / soil
air / atmosphere / space
water / oceans
mountains / volcanoes / fire

Each zone will be visited by a subcamp at some point over the festival. (Friday afternoon, Saturday AM / PM, Sunday AM).

Volunteers are welcome to stay with the team onsite and meals will be provided.