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Use this form to add an event listing to the website. All submissions will be reviewed prior to posting. If you are a Society member, log in to your account and access Contribute from the Members menu - this will let you view, update or delete your submission

Title of the event
Start date of the event
End date of the event (if longer than one day
Start time of the event, if there is one (optional)
End time of the event, if there is one (optional)
Summary/details of the event
Location of the event. Include a postcode if available
Contact details of the event organiser or other person involved with the event. Please include a name and telephone number. If possible, include website/Facebook etc address and/or email
If you have attachments (eg flyer) to send, please check yes below. We will contact you to obtain the attachments (make sure you include an email address for yourself in the contact details field above, if you haven't already)